Tonight Reggae – Hip Hop United


Coco di Rasta. GRB Ibz OnTheRoad – always is good to meet my Bredda Bilon from Hemp Gru and make Party Together. Tonight Reggae – Hip Hop United – Mr Fish Selecta /GRB Ibz/ & Bilon /Hemp Gru aka Joint Penk/ pon di stage at Rasta Baby Koh Lanta from sunset to the end:) No Bad Dayz:) w miejscu Rasta Baby, Reggae Bar & Shop.  

GRB Ibz OnTheRoad to Koh Lanta!


Today i left beautiful Islad Koh Phangan and best place to chill and play reggae – Seaboard Bungalows. Gracie Mile for ur hospitality Paula & Nadir and rasta la vista pronto !!!

Happy New Year


New Year New Style – Always On the Beach and No Bad Dayz with GRB Ibz — w Koh Phangan.

Reggae On The Beach – today !


Mr. Fish Selecta pon di decks at Seaboard Bungalow- start 3pm. The place looks like paradise!!! — Seaboard bungalows.  

With my Thai Dreadlocks !


Toprastaman Tharatorn Tongpoon, Cap Rock N Roots iSenior Rybens w The Rock Bar Koh Samui.  

Merry Christmas


GRB Ibz On The Road – Selecta Mr.Fish in X-mass mood – today Sunset Session @ Seaboard bungalow Haad Yao Beach, Koh Phangan /Thailand/ – welcome Santa Claus & all Reggae Lovers.

Going to Thailand …


GRB On The Road- going to Thailand — w podróży z „Port lotniczy Kalibo” do „Manila Airport”.  

Good Morning from Philippines


Good Morning from Philippines- GRB On The Road! — w Station 3, Boracay Island. GRB OnTheRoad – Last night good vybz pon di beach and great selection by Selecta Tong Yangco /Manila/. Today 4pm /Philippines time/ we gonna jammin @ Congos Bar – White Beach – Boracay Island

Meeting with Love Culture Band and Tony Rankin in Pattaya, Thailand


Tony „Rankin” Winn , Born 30 July 1951 under the Tribe of Judah, in Brooklyn N.Y. He has been „Sing-Jaying” most of his tumes over Riddims with the Jimi Hendrix Lyric Foundation. He has compiled all of his „Electric Reggae Land” Style of „Reggae-oke”, Sing Jaying,Chanting tunes into a new completed released CD. Tony Rankin is the founder of Rankin Media currently headquatered in Brooklyn, NY. Tony Rankin has have shared the stage with the following Reggae Artist, Rankin Joe,Liv-I-Culture Band, Ras Marvin, Mikey Jarrett,Ossie Dellimore,Dennis Brown,Princess Tia, Sista Lindsey,Ras Do,5 Outta 12 Band,The Uplifters,The Awakening Band,T.H.C,Fiji, Kevin Batchlor,Junior Jazz,Sista Nancy,The Fireproof Band,Keeba,Reggaelution Band, Soul Jah’s Band,Rob Symeon,Ruff Scott,Ookla The Moc(Hawaii),Tony’s […]

No Bad Dayz in Pattaya, Thailand


Big Up All Massive And Crew